Past Program

Feb 20 - Feb 21, 2015

Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program: The Future of Public and Private International Law


Salzburg Global Seminar, in partnership with ten of the leading U.S. law schools, offers the "Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program: The Future of Public and Private International Law," a one-of-a-kind program for students interested in international law and legal practice. Launched in the fall of 2012, the Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program was named in memory of Lloyd N. Cutler, former White House Counsel for two presidents and Chairman of the Board of Salzburg Global Seminar. Cutler strongly believed that one of the keys to progress was the early identifying and mentoring of young leaders with a yearning to make the world a better place through law and the rule of law.

The Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program, held in Washington, DC, convenes up to 50 students nominated by their law schools, to explore cutting-edge issues in international law, covering international human rights and humanitarian law; international courts; rule of law; and international finance, monetary, and trade law. Guided by lawyers from some of the top international law firms in the US, the Salzburg Cutler Fellows also receive advice on how to determine career goals, manage career trajectories, identify the jobs beyond the first horizon of job seeking post-law school, and how to expand and utilize professional networks.

In addition to these high-level workshops, students present their own research and scholarship on cutting-edge topics, refine their concepts based on criticism received from international experts, explore career options and build global networks with peers and practitioners alike. Faculty and discussants are drawn from the ten partner law schools, firms with leading international practice groups, domestic and international courts, and lawyers serving in public service roles. Salzburg Cutler Fellows also automatically become members of the Salzburg Global Fellowship and its international network and can receive scholarships to attend Salzburg seminars on topics germane to their interests.


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