Past Program

Jul 31 - Aug 05, 2002

Salzburg Seminar - Alberto Vilar Project on Management and the Classical Performing Arts: Symphonies


Salzburg Global Seminar is conducting a series of sessions convening managers and directors of some of the most highly regarded performing arts organizations in Europe, Russia and the United States. A feasibility study in 2000 led to a 2001 session focused on management issues pertaining to Opera. Forty representatives from some of the world's most prominent opera houses gathered at Schloss Leopoldskron for a week during the Salzburg Festival to exchange and compare best practices in marketing, public relations, programming, new media and technologies, labor and management issues, fundraising, and community relations. This project especially endeavors to provide opportunities for collaboration and a formal report is issued for each session.

If you would like to download the 2001 Opera Report (20 pages 2.1MB pdf file) please click here.



The series continued in 2002 with a session on Symphony Orchestras, with a larger participant pool of fifty extending beyond the transatlantic group to include managers and directors from Australia, Japan, Canada, and South Africa.

If you would like to download the 2002 Symphonies Report (26 pages 640KB pdf file) please click here.

The series will resume in 2004 with a session on dance.

Participation at these sessions is by invitation.


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