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In times characterized by fear, division and complex challenges such as structural inequity and racism, outdated systems of education and work, and climate change, it is clear that we need new ideas and innovation. Shaping a creative, just and sustainable world calls for action at all levels and collaboration across many sectors.
The Annual Global Co-Lab of the Cultural Innovators Forum brings together a group of more than 60 rising talents from around the world. It combines a focus on “big picture” issues facing the cultural sector with capacity-building sessions for personal and professional development, helping participants to forge the dynamic vision, entrepreneurial skills, and global networks needed to advance their organizations, their causes and their communities.

We need bold ideas and innovation to advance inclusive economic development, positive social change, and urban transformation for livable cities. Salzburg Global believe that cultural innovators uniquely:

  • Demonstrate the creative vision, disruptive thinking, and energy our societies urgently need in a world of rising inequality, polarization, and planetary threats;
  • Provide imaginative and disruptive impulses for civic innovation, social cohesion, and sustainable development at different levels and across sectors;
  • Influence and empower communities, helping people find voice and new forms of expression.

Driving transformation through arts and culture can be daunting, difficult and often lonely. Economic impacts, venue closures and loss of work mean that many artists and creative innovators have never been in a more precarious situation. We believe that is vitally important to raise the profile of the important work that creative innovators are doing; to provide them with support to sustain them through the challenges that they are facing; and to connect them with global resources.
Over the course of 10 days, the program will be convened online and will include a series of presentations, discussions, small group sessions, workshops, and creative interventions.



The 10-day program will convene online daily for 3-4 hours and will include a series of presentations, discussions, small group sessions, workshops, and creative interventions. 

Pandemic-permitting, local hub meetups will also be developed to compliment the online program.

The program is co-created and co-facilitated by Fellows of the Cultural Innovators Forum and designed for those who have a few years of experience doing this work, but who want to learn and grow in order to advance their work for even greater impact.

Participant Profile

Who is a Cultural Innovator? 

You are an artist, activist, creative changemaker, community organizer, arts administrator, or entrepreneur.

You use the power of arts and culture to drive equitable social, environmental, and physical transformation in your community.

You have a few years of experience doing this work, but want to learn and grow in order to advance your work for even greater impact.

You’ll be comfortable communicating in English, as this is the most common shared language of our global network and the working language of Salzburg Global Seminar. We’re not expecting perfection but want to be able to get to know you.

You’ll demonstrate an open mind and a commitment to gaining new global perspectives. You definitely don’t need to have had international experience before, an open mind and curiosity to learn from others is key.

Our definition of cultural innovation is broad. The Forum network is multi-disciplinary and encompasses creative disciplines ranging from the visual and performing arts, literature, and cultural heritage, to foods, fashion, architecture, and design. The Forum is powerful because it includes a variety of life experiences, professional paths, and creative disciplines. Our diversity is our strength. What connects us is a shared drive and passion to make the world a better place through creativity and the arts.

Salzburg Global actively encourages applications from those with less visibility in the arts and culture sector. We especially welcome applications from people of color, people who are differently abled, those who identify as LGBTQI+, folks with low-income backgrounds, and those from ethnically diverse, Indigenous and migrant backgrounds.

The Cultural Innovators Forum network is structured as a series of “Hubs” developed with partners in cities and regions around the world. This means that we are only able to accept applications from people who are based in the hubs which are participating in the Annual Co-Lab for that year. To see the full list of Hubs, click here.


As a Fellow of the Cultural Innovators Forum:

You’ll gain an understanding of how your work relates to global movements for change and to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It’s okay if you have no idea what these things are right now, that’s what we’re here for!

You’ll join an incredible community of collaborators dedicated to learning from and sharing with each other over the long term as well as the broader Salzburg Global Fellowship.

You’ll use your new ideas and renewed sense of purpose to increase your impact and to build collaborative solutions to common challenges with your fellow cultural innovators.

You’ll commit to continue and to doing even more, but not alone. The Cultural Innovators Forum is first and foremost a community and by becoming part of this community we commit supporting and holding each other, especially during challenging times.