The Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum enables critical thinking on the changing roles and responsibilities of directors across jurisdictions and cultures. Launched in 2015, its annual meeting explores how corporations can pursue both profit and public good in a fast-moving global environment, taking account of growing risks, disruptions, regulation, public scrutiny and consumer pressure.

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Stacy Baird - Is the COVID-19 Crisis an Opportunity for Corporations to Invest in Workforce Transformation?

In the latest installment of the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance series, Stacy Baird, consulting director at TRPC Pte, reflects on the need for corporations to prepare for the fourth Industrial Revolution

Jeffrey D. Grant - Are Boards of Directors Better Prepared for Disruptive Events if They Include Scientists and Engineers?

In the latest article of the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance, Jeffrey D. Grant explores how scientists and engineers can help boards make more informed decisions

Christopher Beltran - What Role Can Entrepreneurs Play in a Board’s Aim to Foresee Disruptive Risk?

Syntrina Leadership co-founder calls on board members to befriend entrepreneurs and learn from them

Anastassia Lauterbach - Why Must Corporate Boards Discuss Innovation?

Technology strategist and entrepreneur provides clarity about what innovation in corporate boardrooms implies

Dottie Schindlinger - What Can Boards Do to Create Structure and Process Around Innovation?

Executive director at the Diligent Institute outlines four ways directors can cultivate innovation

Pamela S. Passman - How Can Boards Provide Oversight on Corporate Culture?

Founder and president of the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade ( reflects on defining, assessing, and improving corporate culture

Barak Orbach - Do Directors and Officers Have a Duty to Monitor Corporate Culture?

Professor of law reflects on organizational culture and important characteristics of business realities

Friend or Foe: How Should Directors Face Disruptive Risk?

Report from the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum offers insights and guidance on how corporate directors can understand and respond to emerging risks

Robert H. Mundheim - What is the Significance of the Business Roundtable Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation?

Counsel to Shearman & Sterling LLP reflects on the Business Roundtable's latest Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation

The Trust Crisis and Corporate Governance

Mathilde Mesnard, deputy director for financial and enterprise affairs at the OECD, reflects on the necessity of trust
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