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Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance

The Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance is a new online discussion series introduced and led by Fellows of the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum.

Each month, a different Salzburg Global Fellow publishes a thought-piece to spark discussion around a key issue for the future of corporate governance. Articles are published both on and on the professional networking site LinkedIn, where we encourage Fellows and their networks to post responses and join in the discussion. You can find the links to the LinkedIn discussion in each article below.

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Corporate Governance

Brave New World: How Can Corporate Governance Adapt?

New report shares insights from the fourth annual program of the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum

Nicole Lew: How Do Companies Filter Out the “Noise” from Stakeholder Engagement?

Technology presents new ways and opportunities for engaging with stakeholders and identifying new issues and risks. For this month’s Salzburg Question for Corporate Governance, Alibaba general counsel asks given the sheer volume of information, how do we filter out the “noise” and identify what is most critical? 

Bharat Doshi - How Do We Retrain Vulnerable Older Workers for the Jobs of the Future?

Chairman of Mahindra Intertrade Ltd asks this month's "Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance"

Carolyn Frantz - How Could Artificial Intelligence Create New Job Categories and How Can a Company Anticipate These Changes in Workforce Needs and Shape?

Microsoft's VP, Deputy General Counsel and Corporate Secretary asks this month's "Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance"

Stacy Baird - Europe’s Privacy Law - A Barrier to Artificial Intelligence or an Enabler?

Intellectual property expert leads this month's online discussion on the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance by posing questions for boards about the EU's GDPR

Anastassia Lauterbach - What Questions Should Boards Be Asking About AI?

Tech strategist opens a new online discussion series – the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance – by posing questions for boards about the potentially unintended ethical consequences of artificial intelligence

What Next for Corporate Governance?

Fellows of the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum to foster online discussion about the big issues increasingly challenging the traditional principles of corporate governance in a new monthly series – the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance
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The articles and comments represent opinions of the authors and commenters, and do not necessarily represent the views of their corporations or institutions, nor of Salzburg Global Seminar. 

Readers are welcome to address any questions about this series to Forum Director, Charles E. Ehrlich