The Contested Histories in Public Spaces project is a multi-year initiative designed to develop principles, processes, and case studies to help guide decision-makers tasked with responding to contested histories in public spaces in a responsible and effective manner. Founded in 2018, it will publish its first round of case studies in 2020.

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Contested Histories

Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret: Lahore Museum 

Multi-time Salzburg Global Fellow, Anwar Akhtar on why his film – made with Ajoka Theatre – “Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret: Lahore Museum”, has much to say about peace, for both South Asia and the UK

Black Lives Matter: Toppling Colston - Vandalism or Vindication?

Historian and former Salzburg Global Vice President, Timothy Ryback launches new blog series on Contested Histories

Commitment to a Better World

Salzburg Global Seminar opposes injustice and racism in all its forms. We stand in solidarity with all those demanding equal protection and freedom of expression under the law. We commit to work with our Fellows, partners and leading voices to end systemic violence and discrimination and transform societies for good.

Share Your Voice

We stand together to listen, learn and take action against racism and injustice in all their forms

Cultural Innovation, Leadership and Collaboration: A Global Platform

Latest report from the Young Cultural Innovators Forum now online to download, read and share

What Future for Cultural Heritage? Perceptions, Problematics and Potential

Report from the latest program in the Culture, Arts and Society series explores perceptions of the past, problematics of the present and potential for the future

Statement on Venetian Room Protest and the Cultural Heritage of Schloss Leopoldskron

Statement from Salzburg Global Seminar on the cultural heritage of Schloss Leopoldskron
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