Forum Format

Phase 1

Phase 1 (2019-2021) will establish the Asia Peace Innovators Forum network. Three cohorts of approximately 30 Fellows each will convene for four-day foundational workshops in Salzburg, to share experiences across sectors, cultures, and geographies. Fellows will thereby benefit from the guidance, space, and skills to explore new approaches to peace mediation and opportunities for cooperation. These interactions will help devise plans and seed new pilot projects to advance peace and reconciliation in their countries, working collaboratively with other Fellows and broader networks both within their own countries.

Following each cohort’s workshop experience in Salzburg, Fellows will remain engaged in the Forum through the provision of curated online platforms and tools to exchange ideas, expand collaboration potential, and gain further insights into the work of other Fellows across the network. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 (2021-2022) will consolidate impact, promoting new and deeper ties across the network and generating collaborative projects among Fellows (both within their own countries and/or cross-border) addressing what they identify as the most promising opportunities for place-based peace innovation in the future. Of the 90 Fellows who participated in Phase 1, Salzburg Global Seminar will select two groups of 30 of the most promising and engaged Fellows (mixing across the cohorts) to take part in follow-up three-day workshops held in Asia in 2021 and 2022. These workshops will build on relationships established and ideas conceived in Phase 1 and invite Fellows to identify and propose concrete opportunities for collaborative projects and future network activities. As part of the workshops’ program, Fellows will undertake site visits to examine local examples of conflict prevention and peace mediation initiatives (not in situations of on-going conflict) and learn about valuable solution approaches.

Fellows selected for participation in Phase 2 workshops will also be expected to serve as ambassadors for the Asia Peace Innovators Forum by continuing to engage with other Fellows in their region during and after their participation, and by facilitating communication with the wider network of Fellows through continued online networking and network collaboration.