Participant Profile

Participant Profile

Leveraging Salzburg Global Seminar’s existing Fellowship network, the Asia Peace Innovators Forum will bring together Fellows from core conflict geographies to strengthen collaboration across Asia and the rest of the world. Fellows will be selected from five geographic groupings:

Three core focus countries:
Myanmar, southern Thailand, and Sri Lanka

One mixed Asian group with representation from countries such as:
Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines, and others

One wider international group with experience from from national and intergovernmental organizations for conflict prevention, peace mediation, and reconciliation.

The Asia Peace Innovators Forum will bring together mid-career professionals who have demonstrated significant leadership and innovation potential in promoting peace and preventing conflicts in specific contexts. In exceptional cases, some more senior leaders may be selected to support program facilitation and to share their best practices. Fellows will exchange experience and innovation relevant to geopolitics, historical legacies, demographics and migration, climate change, and natural resource management. Each country/regional grouping will include a cross-sectoral, gender-balanced mix of Fellows, including:

Civil society leaders, including from religious institutions and philanthropic organizations, specializing in human displacement and migration, public health, and trauma

Local public and private sector leaders, including mayors, city officials, small business stakeholders, and entrepreneurs

Media influencers, thought-leaders, and public intellectuals

Educators broadly defined to include teachers, school principals, technical and vocational skills providers, sports trainers, academics, and museum directors

Artists and cultural innovators, who serve as creative practitioners and designers across disciplines to harness the transformative power of the arts for inclusive societal change.

Please note that the application deadline for the Asia Peace Innovators Forum was the October 31, 2019.  Successful applicants were informed of their appointment in December 2019.