About the Asia Peace Innovators Forum

Without peace, none of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – from ending poverty, hunger and inequality, to building sustainable cities and communities and tackling climate change – can be achieved. And without lasting peace, the success in achieving the SDGs will be short-lived. As the world’s most populous region, with increasing global importance and influence, ensuring peace in Asia will lead to increased prosperity for over half of the world’s population.

With such a rich history, Asia has significant experience (positive and negative) in mediating peace and promoting reconciliation. Many of its successful and long-lasting initiatives for peace are innovative, locally devised and community-driven rather than externally mandated and/or state-imposed. However, exchange of Asian-generated best practice and lessons learned both within and across the region remains low.

The Asia Peace Innovators Forum will foster exchange of region-led best practices and experience from interdisciplinary sectors seeking to shape long-term peace, stability, and regional cooperation. It will also build skills and capacity, provide a cross-sector and transboundary network for professional and personal advice and support, and encourage collaborative projects.