Eng Fong Pang


Eng Fong Pang is the former higher commissioner of Singapore to the United Kingdom, and non-resident ambassador to the Republic of Ireland. From 1996 to 1999, he served as ambassador of Singapore to Belgium, with concurrent accreditation to the European Union, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the Holy See. Before serving in Brussels, he was Singapore's ambassador to the Republic of Korea and Mongolia. He is on leave from the National University of Singapore where he is a professor in the Department of Business Policy. In addition to serving on government boards in Singapore, Ambassador Pang has held various positions including visiting senior associate fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore; visiting professor at the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University; visiting Fulbright research scholar, the University of Michigan; and visiting fellow, OECD Development Centre, Paris. He became director of the Economic Research Centre at the University of Singapore in 1973. Ambassador Pang holds a Ph.D. in labor relations from the University of Illinois.

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