Iman Al-Hindawi

Independent Consultant, Arts and Culture, Amman, Jordan

Iman Al Hindawi currently works as an independent consultant on arts and culture and management for non-profit organizations. Iman is an experienced professional in the field of arts, arts administration, cultural management, events creation, management and organization of global live events. Her career in the field of arts and culture started in 1989, spanning across the Arab world, the USA and Europe. Her journey has been marked with extraordinary accomplishments and achievements. Iman has been awarded the privilege to establish and lead world class arts organizations and manage several arts institutions in the Arab world and abroad. Her major interests are centered across cultural management, the promotion of the Arab artistic expression worldwide and the unleashing of the stereotypes of Arabs in Western media. Iman holds an M.A. in arts administration from Columbia University, USA. She is the first Arab female recipient of a graduate degree in arts administration with a concentration on performing arts institutional development. Iman is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar Session 468, The Performing Arts in Lean Times, 2010.


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