Diana Arsenian

Graphic Facilitator, USA

Diana Arsenian is an internationally recognized consultant who uses graphic facilitation to enable strategic thinking, reflection, and change at individual, organizational, and cross-organizational settings. A former art director and senior consultant with The Grove Consultants International, Diana uses images and words to capture information and ideas that emerge from conversations. This helps individuals and participants in meetings and gatherings to truly see and understand their shared ideas, and to effectively collaborate in building off of them. A graphic facilitator of choice for leading corporate 500 clients, NGOs, Foundations and multiple governmental agencies. Fluency in English and Spanish allows her to work seamlessly across continents and cultures. She has worked closely with David Cooperrider and Appreciative Inquiry for the past 20 years and applies this methodology to her graphic vision coaching practice. On her free-time she nurtures her passion for art by painting and creating one-of-a-kind Artist Books in her studio in Sausalito, CA. She is a licensed SoulCollage facilitator and has lead workshops & retreats exploring the creative process.


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