Catalina Escobar Bravo

Executive Director, MAKAIA, Colombia

Catalina Escobar is a civil society leader and social entrepreneur who currently works as the executive director of MAKAIA, a Colombian non-profit organization that aims to enhance social development with the help of cooperation, technology and innovation. Catalina has more than sixteen years of experience in the social sector, including digital development and international cooperation. She has led MAKAIA since its inception ten years ago, transforming an idea into an organization that has served hundreds of non-profits and social projects in Latin America. Previously she worked for six years at the World Bank managing web-related projects that promote collaboration and knowledge sharing, and also worked on the Development Gateway as part of the World Bank's intranet team. Catalina has a degree in mechanical engineering from Universidad EAFIT, Medellin, Colombia, and an M.B.A. from George Washington University, in Washington, D.C. Escobar is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Session 482 Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory Culture.

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