Walter Emberger

Founder and CEO, Teach for Austria

Dr. Emberger has been working to establish Teach For Austria ever since he was inspired by an article about Teach First in the Economist in 2009. After conducting a feasibility study and having been convinced that the model was the key to addressing educational disadvantage in Austria, he decided to launch Teach For Austria. In September 2012, the first cohort of 24 highly motivated Fellows entered high need schools in Vienna and Salzburg. Dr. Emberger holds a master's and doctoral degree from Vienna University of Business and Economics, and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. He initially worked as a banker and as a consultant in Austria and Switzerland. However, he also built up seven years of extensive experience in the educational sector as head of the business faculty of Salzburg University of Applied Science, and most recently as the Vice Dean and Professor at the University of Seeburg in the city of Salzburg.

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