Joshua Fouts

Executive Director, Bioneers, San Francisco, California, United States

Joshua Sheridan Fouts is the executive director of Bioneers, a social and environmental justice solutions NGO, which convenes a 5,000-person gathering in San Francisco every October. He is a media innovator and social entrepreneur known for his work paving new inroads for meaningful understanding between cultures. He began his career in Washington, DC in the 1990s where he worked at the United States Department of State and began to experiment with new ways to use radio, television and Internet technology for cultural collaboration. He went on to launch two first-of-their-kind think tanks focused on digital media innovation and cultural relations at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, where he founded the first-ever blog about digital journalism and later created a new master's degree in public diplomacy. Joshua has led or directed various intellectual projects in collaboration with governments and universities in more than 20 countries. As an anthropologist, Joshua studied art and documentary film production. He is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Session 490, Public and Private Cultural Exchange-Based Diplomacy: New Models for the 21st Century, in 2012.