Cristián Cox

Professor of Curriculum Policies in the Faculty of Education, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago

Dr. Cristián Cox is head of the Centre for Research on Educational Policy and Practice at the Catholic University of Chile. Previously he was the director of the Curriculum and Evaluation Unit of the Chilean Ministry of Education (1998-2006), from where he led the design and implementation of the curriculum reform of the schooling system of Chile in the late Nineties. He has worked as a consultant for OECD, World Bank, IADB and UNESCO and was Tinker Visiting Professor at Stanford University in 2005. Author of three books and co-author and/or editor of seven, his research interests include educational policies, teacher training and citizenship education. Among his publications: Educational inequality in Latin America: patterns, policies and issues (2010); Oportunidades de aprendizaje escolar de la ciudadanía en América Latina: currículos comparados. (2010); Policy formation and implementation in secondary education reform: the case of Chile at the turn of the century (2006).

Christián Cox received a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of London in 1984.


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