Costel Bercus

Chair, Roma Education Fund, Budapest


Costel Bercus is a Romanian Roma, graduated in

International Relations and European Studies from the Spiru Haret University in

Bucharest. Since 1997, he has been working as a human rights activist with

Romani CRISS (Roma Center for Social Interventions and Studies), which is a

well-known human rights organization in Romania. In 2000, he was appointed

Executive Director of Romani CRISS, which made him exposed to extensive

international activities and ultimately led to his appointment in 2005 as Board

Member of the Roma Education Fund (REF). The same year, he was asked to take the

Chairmanship of the REF Board which he is carrying on still today. Between 2006

and 2008, he was leading the Roma Civic Alliance of Romania, a network

organization linking over twenty Roma NGOs in Romania. He has also worked as an

international consultant providing technical assistance in policy development on

Roma inclusion for several countries in the Western Balkans and Romania,

commissioned by different international development agencies.

Costel Bercus is a Fellow of the event Learning to Live Together in the 21st Century: How can schools best enhance community relations and inclusion?

Paper prepared for the Seminar: Roma Inclusion in Education


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