Chibli Mallat

The Custodian of the Two Holy Places Visiting Professor of Islamic Legal Studies, Harvard Law School

Chibli Mallat is a human rights lawyer and a former candidate for the presidency of the republic in Lebanon. In his law practice, he is best known for bringing the case of Victims of Sabra and Shatila v. Ariel Sharon et al., under the law of universal jurisdiction in Belgium, where he won a judgment against the accused before a change in Belgian law removed the jurisdiction of the court. As a democratic activist, he was involved with the Iraqi opposition to Saddam Hussein, even spending time in an Iraqi jail after organizing international monitoring of the first free elections ever in Iraq, in May 1992. Professor Mallat helped establish the Middle East regional office of Amnesty International in Beirut in 1999 for which his office has since acted as legal counsel. He is a frequent op-ed contributor in newspapers ranging from An-Nahar in Lebanon to The New York Times, and has held research and teaching positions at Yale Law School, London University, Virginia Law School, the University of Lyon, the Library of Congress, the Saint Joseph University (Beirut) and the University of California, Boalt School of Law. In 2007 he became a professor of law at the University of Utah, and moved his residence there, but since 2010 he also holds a visiting professorship at Harvard Law School. He served as a faculty member at Salzburg Global Seminar Session 443 "An International Rule of Law: Balancing Security, Democracy, and Human Rights in an Age of Terrorism" in 2007.


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