Alan Colman

Research Director, PPL Therapeutics, Scotland

Alan COLMAN is research director, at PPL Therapeutics, UK. Professor Colman’s

research focuses on the production of human therapeutic proteins in the milk of

transgenic livestock, and the development of transgenic pigs for organ transplantation

to humans. He has been centrally involved in the development of animal cloning

technology. The company’s objectives—therapeutic proteins and organ

transplantation—are serviced by the development of state of the art technology

that raises several controversial issues including the use and exploitation of animals

for man’s benefit, and the practice, ethics, and potential of other methods of artificial

reproductive technologies. Dr. Colman was professor of biochemistry at the

University of Birmingham, UK, and senior lecturer of biological sciences at the

University of Warwick, UK. Professor Colman received an M.A. from Oxford

University, and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University.


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