Charles Hopkins

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization Chair at York University, Toronto, Canada

Charles Hopkins is the UNESCO Chair at York University in Toronto, Canada where he teaches in the Graduate School. His UNESCO work focuses on the development and coordination of an international network of teacher education institutions from over 50 countries working on the reorientation of teacher education to address sustainable development. He is co-director of the Sustainability and Education Academy (SEdA), a Canada-wide institution that assists ministries of education, faculties of education, and school districts in reorienting their school systems to address sustainability. Mr. Hopkins is also a United Nations University (UNU) advisor on Education for Sustainable Development where he assists UNU to develop Regional Centers of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) around the globe. Previously, Mr. Hopkins was Superintendent of Curriculum and a District Superintendent with the Toronto Board of Education. His many awards are highlighted by honorary Ph.D. degrees from Uppsala University in Sweden, and the University of Trujillo in Peru, honorary professorships in Sweden, Latvia, Scotland and Peru, The Silver Jubilee Medal from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the Distinguished Service Award from the Ministry of Education in Peru. He has been a member of the core GCP faculty member for sessions for faculty and administrators and students since 2004.


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