Phloeun Prim

Executive Director, Cambodia Living Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phloeun Prim is the executive director of Cambodian Living Arts (CLA), Phnom Penh. A visionary cultural entrepreneur, Phloeun has spearheaded CLA's transformation from a grassroots project reviving traditional arts to an organization working as a catalyst in the country's rapidly expanding arts sector. Previously, he led the commercial development of Artisans Angkor, a public-private company selling high-end handicrafts. Phloeun has led the organization to extend its reach from local to international programming and to evolve its role from straightforward transmission of traditions to stimulating expression and innovation. In 2016, CLA attracted cultural leaders from all over the world to Phnom Penh, for a major international forum on Living Arts in Post-Conflict Contexts. CLA has created the university course 'Arts for Transformation: The Case of Cambodia', which Phloeun has taught to students from NYU, Abu Dhabi for three years, and which will be taught in Cambodia for the first time in April 2019. More recently, Phloeun has been key to the initiation of Mekong Cultural Hub, a new regional non-profit working at the intersection between arts and social development.


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