Alain Ruche

Senior Advisor on Cultural Matters, European External Action Service, Belgium

Alain Ruche, Belgium Alain Ruche is senior advisor on cultural matters at the European External Action Service (EEAS). Prior to that he served as advisor to the General Secretary of the EEAS. His task is to think creatively to define actions inspired by new ideas, using a complex system approach. Since joining the EU, he worked in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Latin America and Asia. He worked as university researcher and held positions with the UN and the World Bank in Latin America and Africa. Mr. Ruche is a fellow of the UK Royal Society of Arts and member of the Club of Rome. He studied economics, pedagogy and international relations. Mr. Ruche is a Fellow of Session 451 Innovation in Knowledge-based Economies: Accelerating the Benefits (2008) and Session 515 A Climate for Change: New Thinking on Governance for Sustainability (2013).

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