Brice Lalonde

Chairman, OECD Round Table on Sustainable Development, Paris

Brice Lalonde is chair of the Sustainable Development Roundtable for the

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and is the

former French Minister for the Environment (1988 to 1992). While serving

as Environment Minister, Mr. Lalonde was instrumental in designing and

implementing French laws on water and waste, coastline and mountain

conservation regulations, and instituting the French Agency for the

Environment and Energy Efficiency (ADEME). Mr. Lalonde now also

serves as a senior advisor for the Environment Agency, as well as consulting

to major companies and local governments in the fields of environment,

energy, and development. He is the chairman of the Expert Advisory

Committee to the European Carbon Fund, the first private fund created in

Europe focusing on the Clean Development Mechanism in developing

countries, set up by the Kyoto Protocol. He was a member of the GEF Senior

Advisory Panel in Washington, D.C. and of the Advisory Group on the

Environment at the OECD in Paris. Mr. Lalonde was the president of the

Environment, Housing and Tourism Council for Brittany and the mayor of

Saint-Briac. He founded the environmental party "Ecology Generation,"

which he headed from 1992 to 2002, and he was also a candidate for the

position of president of France in 1981. Mr. Lalonde studied classics and law

at Sorbonne University, Paris.


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