Marios Dakis

Psychologist; Project Coordinator, The HOME Project, Greece

Marios Dakis is a licensed psychologist and counselor. He is working with the child protection unit of The HOME Project, a non-profit organization set up to address the needs of refugee children, who arrive in Greece alone. The HOME Project moves children from the streets, camps, police stations, detention centers and bring them to the safety of their HOMES where they receive a holistic network of child protection services with the ultimate aim of social inclusion. As a psychologist and project coordinator for The HOME Project, Marios has been working to promote both learning and coping strategies that unaccompanied refugee minors use in order to remain healthy and become more resilient. His experience so far can verify the salutogenic impact of emotional guidance along with customized educational and pedagogical plans which set the foundations for stability, safety and meaning in their lives. Marios believes that for every deficit, stress or loss there is a counter.


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