Birger Fredriksen

former Director for Human Development for Africa, The World Bank

Dr. Birger Fredriksen is a consultant for development of education policies and programs in developing countries. He has worked for the World Bank as director of human development in the Africa region and has held various technical and managerial positions at the World Bank, UNESCO and OECD (both in Paris). He was also the director of the economic division of the Norwegian Institute of Foreign Affairs, Oslo, and researcher at the University of Oslo. His research interests include issues and priorities in education development in developing countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, with particular interest in making international aid more effective in promoting such development. Dr. Fredriksen holds a master's degree in economics from the University of Oslo and a Ph.D. in philosophy (education research) from the University of Lancaster, United Kingdom.

Dr. Birger is a Fellow of Session 472 Optimizing Talent: Closing Educational and Social Mobility Gaps Worldwide

Paper prepared for the Seminar: Using Aid Strategically to Promote Education Development: The Need for a More Effective Global Education Aid Architecture

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