Sarah Towle

Author and Educator, UK

Before becoming an author and edTech entrepreneur, Sarah Towle, studied and worked with pioneers of conflict resolution, mediation and SEL, Morton Deutsch and Peter Coleman. Between language-teaching stints with migrant/refugee populations in El Salvador and Nicaragua, she assisted their ground-breaking 1990s longitudinal study on the impact of SEL in education. She joined Tom Roderick to pilot and launch the acclaimed 4Rs program (reading, writing, respect and resolution), which integrated SEL into elementary school culture and curricula in post-9/11 NY. In the 2000s, Sarah's focus shifted to mothering, writing children's books and harnessing the educational opportunities provided by touchscreen technology. She is now working on two books, one on the crisis at the US/Mexico border. She holds an M.A. in applied linguistics from Columbia University.


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