Annamaria Olsson

Founder and Head of Board, Give Something Back To Berlin, Germany

Annamaria Olsson is a Swedish journalist, social entrepreneur and writer, living in Berlin since 2008. In 2013 she founded Give Something Back To Berlin, today an internationally acclaimed best practice project awarded with several German and Global prizes from players like UN and the city of Berlin. The project has had visits from people such as Katarina Barley, German minister of Justice; Franziska Giffey, Minister of Women; the Family of the King and Queen of Sweden; to delegations from all over the world. Currently Annamaria is working on a book about people whose destinies have been influenced by borders tying together the history of Berlin and Germany with more current events in the Middle East. From 2008 Annamaria worked as a freelance correspondent from Berlin, Germany and Brazil writing for big Swedish magazines and newspapers and 2014 she published her first book. Annamaria studied history of ideas and gender studies, Middle Eastern and Holocaust studies at Humboldt and Uppsala University.


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