Ella Ininahazwe

Refugee College Guidance Counselor, Kepler, Rwanda

Ella has been working for Kepler as a refugee college guidance counselor in East Africa since 2018. As a refugee college guidance counselor, Ella helps to provide meaningful guidance and directions to refugees hoping to go to college. She also supports refugee students with academic and career counselling in Kenya and Rwanda. Ella ran a women's program in Kiziba Refugee Camp in the Western province of Rwanda. In that program, girls were given soft skills, technology skills, and communication skills so that they can perform effectively and efficiently at university. She is aware that we live in a world full of opportunities, but the level of access is undeniably low in undeveloped countries. Oftentimes, opportunities are non-existent for refugees around the world. Ella believes that education can change refugees lives. She thinks that refugees and other vulnerable people with limited access to opportunities will succeed if we stand up and improve education delivered in refugee camps. This includes creatively looking for solutions to improve access to education in emergencies. Ella holds a B.A. in healthcare management from Southern New Hampshire University through the Kepler program in Rwanda.


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