Danielle De La Fuente

Founder and Executive Director of Amal Alliance, USA

Danielle De La Fuente is the founder and executive director of Amal Alliance. Her passion for the prevention of intergenerational trauma and violence, led her to form the organization in 2017. Her projects include innovative social and emotional learning programs that address psychosocial needs during early childhood development and primary. She is interested in exploring holistic methodology, ideas, and collaboration for providing displaced children with the opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Her previous work experience is rich in peacebuilding and diplomatic efforts stemming from her work at the US Department of Defense's Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies, the British Embassy, and the Embassy of Argentina. She obtained her B.A. in international relations from Boston University's Pardee School of Global Affairs and M.Litt. in peace and conflict studies from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Like her work, Danielle's background is rich in culture as she was born in San Diego to immigrant parents from Mexico and Iran, is trilingual, and has lived in 4 different countries.


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