Safiya Al Maskari

Manager, Lest We Forget, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Safiya Al Maskari is a manager at Lest We Forget in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has been with the organization since the its founding in 2014. She is interested in learning from different innovators around the world methods of exploring and approaching culture and history and how art and design can be used in cultural sustainability and in preservation of the past. The work Safiya has done is strongly built on community collaboration through the archiving of oral history, photographs and objects that are accompanied by robust stories. This cultural material is then translated into artistic works and methods for the future generation to preserve. She has worked on developing curatorial material all built on the Lest We Forget archive for a number of cultural exhibitions that purposely aimed to raise awareness in the preservation of history and intangible memories of the UAE. Safiya took part in a youth group that volunteered at several NGO's to mainly learn their methods and strategy in encouraging the usage of local resources and expertise in preserving the heritage. Safiya received a B.A. from Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.


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