Sergej Pumper

Chairman, Urban Foundation, Salzburg, Austria

Sergej Pumper develops artistic projects that aim to inspire audiences to reflect on what every individual can do to contribute to the common good of our society. He is chairman of the Urban Foundation which has produced the annual dance theatre festival Hip Hop goes Theatre in Salzburg since 2008. He also founded Create Syndicate in 2010, a network of creatives, which realizes commissions in the field of conception and production of live entertainment for corporate and public entities. Since 2014 he has dedicated thinking to combine his scientific background with his experience as an artist who reflects on the human condition. He tries to develop a deeper understanding of human behavior in the framework of interconnected biological, cultural and digital evolutionary processes. Since he was a child he loved dancing. This led him to a decade of work in different international urban dance companies as a dancer and choreographer. He gradually started to extend his work into the fields of concept, directing and production. He received an engineering degree in chemistry and studied microbiology and genetics at the University of Vienna.


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