Jamie Balfour-Paul

Founder and Performing Magician, Magic for Smiles, UK

Jamie Balfour-Paul is a magician and international humanitarian worker. Jamie has performed magic since he was a boy, but also has a 30-year humanitarian programming and campaigns career behind him in a range of countries in the Middle East as well as East Africa, and to a lesser extent the UK. In early 2016, he brought together the two disciplines and passions to set up the initiative Magic for Smiles (MFS), which is an NGO registered in UK. The belief behind MFS is that magic has huge potential as a means of trauma relief and psychosocial support to vulnerable children. MFS to date focuses on refugee (and host population) children in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. Jamie has two postgraduate qualifications, the last of which was an M.Sc. in development studies from Bath University in the UK.


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