Julien Godman

Contributing Writer, The Metropolitan, Detroit, USA

Julien Godman is a professional interdisciplinary storyteller in Detroit, Michigan. His current roles include marketing and PR manager for CMAP an arts production house; social media manager for Sidewalk Detroit an event-oriented grassroots arts organization; contributing writer to The Metropolitan a Detroit culture media outlet; owner and creator of Tonic and Juice an experiential event-oriented culinary venture; and public relations coordinator for Detroit Kite Fest an event-oriented radical inclusion and communal play organization. Julien works on cross-cultural exchange, accessible storytelling, and narrative-based public relations. His latest creative endeavors include a series of socially relevant travelogues from Colombia to France, Armenia to Tunisia; and his first published book entitled 'Andanzas, vol. i, Friends' a collection of short stories on one of humanities most innate experiences, friendship. Since 2007, he has been actively involved in many of Detroit's narratives through arts non-profits, social experiments, mission based for-profits, and media outlets.


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