Litha Sokutu

Cultural Analyst; Director, SLC Associates, Cape Town, South Africa

Litha Sokutu is a director at the Social Literacy Conversation (SLC), a Cape Town-based organization he co-founded in 2017. Operating in schools, universities and non-profits, SLC serves his passions for storytelling, social cohesion, intercultural collaboration and creating democratic workplaces. Litha has appeared on local radio and Al-Jazeera's 'The Stream', discussing topics of organizational research and intercultural politics. SLC's largest client is a 1000-person volunteer organization, the National Sea Rescue Institute, who tasked SLC to undertake multivariate research in order to augment their recruitment policies, conduct nationwide training on gender and racial harassment, as well as create an e-learning curriculum on how to be a culturally aware volunteer that fosters a working environment which appreciates South Africa's complex demographics. Whilst at university, he co-founded 8Street Stories, an award-winning production company focused on telling Black millennial stories. Litha studied at the University of Cape Town, where his Master's thesis focused on the modern-day socio-economic effects of Apartheid's rural-to-urban labor migration system.


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