Yvonne Nkrumah

Senior Operations Officer, World Bank Institute, Washington, DC

Yvonne Nkrumah is a senior operations officer at the World Bank Institute (WBI). Since joining the Bank in 2007, she has identified new areas for program development in governance and pharmaceutical procurement; has provided technical assistance and coaching to bank clients on strengthening demand side engagement and results based methodologies; and designed and delivered capacity building programs for the health sector. Prior to joining WBI, she served in various positions in the public service of Ghana where she provided legal and policy advice on health, procurement, food and drugs regulation, intellectual property rights and access to medicines. She earned an LL.B., B.L. and M.A. in international affairs. She co-authored Improving Access to HIV/AIDS medicines in Africa and an article on “TRIPS Compliance and Public Health: Opportunities and Obstacles for Africa”. Her main interest is on access to medicines.

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