Aneesha Marwah

Project Manager, Consulting and Strategic Partnerships, Artspace Projects Inc., Upper Midwest, USA

Aneesha Marwah is a project manager for Artspace's consulting and strategic partnerships team in Minneapolis. Her projects include feasibility and market studies for new communities looking to develop affordable live/work mixed-use communities and creative spaces for artists and arts organizations including: Asheville-NC, Arlington-VA, Hopkins-MN, Maywood-IL, Aurora-CO, Cook County-MN, Northwest Arkansas, Chaska-MN, Charlotte-NC, Griffin-GA, and Baltimore-MD. She's also closely involved in Artspace Immersion, an 18-month capacity-building program for arts organizations advancing their own space-related initiatives in the Twin Cities, Memphis, and Detroit. Prior to moving to Chicago for graduate school, Aneesha lived in New Orleans for nine years, where she attended Tulane University and was a legislative aide. She has seen the intrinsic relationship between politics, urban planning, affordable housing policy, and art as a community driver first hand and the value of preserving space for culturally distinct communities. Aneesha spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, she brings her knowledge and experience living and working in different parts of the world to the consulting team as she assists communities create affordable spaces for artists. She moved to Minneapolis in 2016 from Chicago, where she earned her Masters of urban planning and policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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