Nana Ota

Program Director, Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation, London, UK

Over the past year and half, Nana Ota has been working at Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation in London, UK, as a program director. Her specific mission in the foundation is to promote a strong link between the UK and Japan through various cultural events and activities. She has organized more than 50 academic seminars which focus on global issues, including education, economies, politics, journalism, mobility, gender and sustainability. Additionally, she has led various cross-cultural events and more than 10 art exhibitions to introduce Japanese contemporary artists in London. Before joining the Foundation, she was engaged in multiple developments activities globally while working for various cooperation organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, UN Women Ecuador, University College London, OECD in Paris, and UNOPS in Copenhagen. These experiences provided her with a strong aspiration and passion to promote international cultural understanding among people from different cultural backgrounds.


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