Jimena Quadrana

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires (UCA), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jimena Quadrana is a third-year journalism student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires (UCA), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has worked in fashion, film and advertising since she was 14 years old, and from these experiences has developed a strong passion for communications. Jimena has always enjoyed travelling and working in different countries, meeting people from all parts of the world and learning from their cultures. Her interest in the power of media made her start studying journalism, with the goal of bringing a positive impact to her community. She is particularly interested in technology and how it can help to solve many of our actual problems (poverty, lack of education and climate change, among others). Jimena has also studied audiovisual design and performing arts, which have helped her become a better storyteller. She loves dancing, boxing, jogging and cycling.

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