Fabiola Cruz

Louisiana State University, USA

Fabiola Cruz is an undergraduate student at Louisiana State University studying mass communications with a concentration in political communication, and minoring in women's and gender studies. She is passionate on a variety of issues, but specifically uses her writing and communication skills to discuss human rights, intersectionality, and how young people can use their voices through social media to invoke change within their communities. As a student, she has conducted research that focuses on women's education in third world nations, and how governments can implement policies to close the gender education gap. In addition to being a student, Fabiola has worked with the non-profit organization, Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, as a communications intern using digital media to spread awareness on the issue of sexual violence in Louisiana. Although she was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, her parents are from Argentina and Honduras, which has given her the opportunity to travel and become immersed in different cultures from a young age. She hopes to broaden her knowledge on global politics and create lasting connections that she can apply towards her future as a communications professional.

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