Sylesh Suryakumar

Young India Fellow, Ashoka University, India

A Young India Fellow at Ashoka University, Sylesh Suryakumar understands that the world is not embroiled in a battle of facts, but one of trust. He believes that in spite of the globally co-opted and hawked idea of cavernous politico-ideological schisms, there are a lot more things that unite us than those that divide us. He recognizes the critical role of media, journalism and above all, the public, in dismissing deceptive rhetoric and establishing value-neutral facts that impact society. Sylesh holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from Loyola, and has previously worked for the Shriram Group (IT Project Management & Business Consulting), the Royal Bank of Scotland (Banking), and Deloitte (Audit). He has abundant experience in strategically leading and motivating diverse groups of people towards accomplishing their objectives. Extremely passionate about contemporary philosophical and sociological issues, he looks forward to engaging in formulating systems and weaving narratives th at address them.

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