Moitreyee Sinha

CEO and Founder, citiesRISE, USA

Moitreyee Sinha is a scientist, social entrepreneur, and systems leader. Throughout her life, she has been guided by the core belief that everything is connected, and that large-scale social transformation happens when people, communities, and institutions work together. Originally from India, Moitreyee is a physicist by training and spent her early career in global research at General Electric Company(GE). By seeing connections across the healthcare, consumer goods, water, and energy fields, she was able to develop several transformative technologies and innovations. Moitreyee's journey then took her to the world of social impact work, leading the GE Foundation's Global Health portfolio in 22 countries. Her ability to forge connections and take an integrated view of diverse challenges was critical to her success in developing multi-stakeholder initiatives and public-private partnerships for mothers and children, clean water, humanitarian relief, and education. Moitreyee is also co-founder and CEO of citiesRISE. With this initiative, Moitreyee is bringing her unique vision for collective, community-based action to the issue of mental health. This initiative represents the culmination of a lifelong project of breaking down barriers and unifying people, communities, and institutions in service of helping others.


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