Tara Bekdache

Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Tara Bekdache is a communication advertisement student at the Lebanese American University, where she has studied since fall 2017. She is interested in knowing about the secrets of the world and how human behavior changes over time, especially through advertisements and public relations. In school, she did a project about congenital heart disease and raised funds to support the Brave Heart Organization. She also did projects with other NGOs like Ajyalouna to help the poor during times of need and helped save the environment with Greenpeace through cleanups and campaigns. After volunteering with Greenpeace, she became an intern there for a whole summer. She also interned at the front desk at KX Fitness, where she learned how to deal with different types of people; she also worked at Fingerprints nursery, where she learned about patience and how to deal with different groups of children. She received her high school diploma in 2017 and is currently working toward her college diploma. After college, she aims to get a master's degree and build work experience away from home.

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