Ziga Zarnic

Manager, Inclusive Growth Division, OECD, France

Žiga Žarni? is advisor and manager in the Inclusive Growth Division of the OECD, in Paris. He oversees the Inclusive Growth Country Reviews and has managed the Inclusive Growth Framework "Opportunities for All" for the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in 2018. He is in charge of the Business for Inclusive Growth Platform and the Round Table on Sustainable Development, a high-level public-private forum on strategic innovation and environmental policy issues. As a member of the OECD Secretary-General's Office, he supports the OECD Chief of Staff. Previously, he worked as special advisor to the OECD Environment Director and held different positions at the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, Kiel Institute for the World Economy and leading economic research institutes. He is Slovenian with a doctorate in economics from the Catholic University of Leuven.


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