Suman Randhawa

Nevada State College, USA

Suman Randhawa is currently pursuing her B.A. in psychology at Nevada State College in Henderson, Nevada. She comes from an extensive background in the service industry working at the Wynn Las Vegas. She also models, which brings out her creative, fun and unique side. Her love for meeting people from all walks of life has turned into her passion. She believes everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves and hopes to reach a wide audience to inspire and motivate individuals in need to hear her story. She comes with an open mind and heart to explore, connect and come up with solutions in a society that is based highly out of fear. Having a family of her own she understands the need for change and she hopes to lead by example for her two sons and the future generations to come. Educating and informing individuals with tools that they benefit from is her primary focus. She is an active member of the community, working as a volunteer at SafeNest, a non-profit that helps victims of domest ic violence. Her determined, empathetic, innovative, and solution-focused strengths add value to any organization.

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