Barbara Kuss

Executive Director, Huerta Niño Foundation, Argentina

Barbara Kuss is a consultant in organizational development, specializing in training, development, and organizational analysis. She works with senior managers in the detection of obstacles that prevent organizational development. She has assisted organizations such as Telecom, Gestamp, Axion, Natura, Arcor, Tupperware, and social institutions like RACI, Help Argentina, Aedros, Aldeas Infantiles, among others. She works passionately for the social sector and is a member of the Board of Argentine Network for International Cooperation. In 2012, she joined the Board of Huerta Niño Foundation and currently serves as the Foundation's executive director. Today, the institution she heads benefits more than 50,000 children throughout the country. In addition, she has participated in several forums like UN-Habitat in Dubai, FIFE International Forum of Strategic Philanthropy in Brazil, National Institute of Agricultural Technology in Argentina, World Water Week in Stockholm, Leadership and Innovation Summit for Sustainability in Costa Rica, among others. She studied human resources in 2008 and completed the postgraduate course in training and development at Belgrano University in 2011. She also has a diploma in organizational development at the Institute of Technology of Buenos Aires (ITBA).


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