Herman Servatius

Emerson College, USA

Herman Servatius is a master's student at Emerson College in the Civic Media Art and Practice program. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Herman's education has ranged from homeschooling, to Austrian boarding school, to his undergraduate degrees at Worcester State University. Majoring in environmental studies as well as communication with a minor in music, Herman developed a passion for documentary filmmaking. Through serving in non-profit organizations, he developed another strong passion for community-oriented involvement. One of his main interests is learning how media is interpreted from various viewers and angles. In partnership with iCivics, his thesis work revolves around providing resources for media evaluation and production in youth education in order to foster platforms for youth involvement in civic work. Some of Herman's other interests include film, music, acting, travel, and playing many sports such as basketball and soccer. He can be contacted through various social media platforms with the handle @hecklesthetiger

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