Marina Djabbarzade

Independent Heritage Management Expert; Board Member, Senior Advisory Board, Global Heritage Fund, USA

Marina Djabbarzade is an independent heritage management expert serving on the Senior Advisory Board of the Global Heritage Fund. Her initial career centered on collection management including registration, conservation, organization of travelling exhibitions, and publications. Working increasingly with developing countries led her to further investigate their institutional needs, as well as to explore further opportunities for utilizing cultural resources as an engine for socio-economic development. She has been consulting for the World Bank in Washington, DC, where she has developed, supervised, and evaluated cultural heritage projects worldwide for over two decades. To quantify the benefits of cultural investments, she has conducted Contingent Valuation and Economic Impact Evaluation studies. Recently she has focused on cultural and creative industries development and disaster risk management. Marina received an M.A. from the Courtauld Institute in London and has consulted for a range of institutions including the Thyssen-Bornemisza Foundation -Lugano, Tibet House N.Y., USAID and the UNESCO.


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