Norman Pickavance

CEO, Tomorrow's Company, UK

Norman Pickavance is the CEO of Tomorrow's Company, a think tank focused on innovation at the intersection of business and society. The aim is to influence leaders in business, government and civil society through new policy exploration and practical experimentation on the ground. He grew up in a mining town in the North West of Britain and obtained a degree in law, before he went on to spend 25 years working globally, delivering large scale change in organizations from the tech, banking, retail and professional services sectors. He served on the executive boards of two FTSE's, and as a non-executive director in government beforehand. Alongside this conventional path, he has also been on a different, parallel journey. He set up a social enterprise for the homeless, worked for a children's charity in India, and advised the leader of the opposition on employment policy in the gig economy era,k and in 2014 Norman published his first book about the growing disconnect between business and society. He lives near York, works in London and has interests in photography, walking, faith, and film. In summary, he considers himself a reflective activist, who loves bringing people together to work collaboratively and hopefully think differently.


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