Franz von Roenne

Senior GIZ Manager and Expert in International Cooperation on Health Systems and Social Protection, Germany

Franz von Roenne is a senior GIZ manager and expert in international cooperation on health systems and social protection. He is a physician (Germany, UK), a health systems analyst, and health policy, advisor. Franz has gained work experience in Africa (Malawi, Guinea), Asia (Pakistan, Indonesia) and Europe (Greece, Germany, UK). He has led multiple teams in international cooperation in health at all system levels and as head of the GIZ Health Section. He is currently a development cooperation scout seconded to an industrial association for the German high-tech industry for health and laboratories. His responsibility is the generation of practical links between the industry and health system development in low- and middle-income countries. He holds a doctorate from research on HIV immunology at the Hamburg Institute of Tropical Medicine, and an M.Sc. in health economics from the London Schools of economics and political science, specializing in health systems analysis.


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