Paulina Escudero GarcĂ­a

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico

Paulina Escudero is a communications student at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Mexico. She won the highest academic award when graduating from high school, along with a scholarship. Currently she's top of her class. She participated in several contests, including Mexico's National Bank: Premio Contacto Banxico and she participated in the Model United Nation's debates inNew York City. She's really interested in innovating, having recently founded two emerging small businesses and loves getting involved in different jobs. She has worked at a couple of law firms, at the Huffington Post and currently she works for Mexico's new Stock Exchange, BIVA. Her life projects include making a change in her country and in the world, through communications abilities, through hard work in different sectors and through every new experience that she can have. She speaks English and French fluently and has a deep passion for animals, traveling and photography.

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